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Using a weightlifting belt is a heated topic where using one or not could go both ways. Many power lifters use them to help them increase strength by decreasing the chance of injury to the lower back during heavy lifts.

On the other hand, many believe that it can limit strength gain in the core because you limit the stress on the lower back and abdominals.

At Firefighter Furnace, we encourage wearing any kind of weight lifting belt to help you reach your goals of a stronger firefighter.

There are three main types of weightlifting belts. Power lifting belts are the same size all the way around and are thicker to cover more of the abdomen. Traditional weightlifting belts are larger in the back than in the front providing more comfort. Velcro weightlifting belts are more comfortable due to the material being made of synthetics. However, velcro belts are not as strong as the other two.

Below are three types of weightlifting belts we recommend for the firefighter furnace workout program:



1. Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

  • 4″ wide top quality 1/4″ thick cowhide
  • Suede lining covers a foam lumbar pad
  • Sturdy double-stitched edges
  • Double-prong roller buckle closure
  • Double loops to secure belt tab

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2. Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt

Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt

  • Patented downward angle fits the natural shape of your back
  • Patented hip and rib contour for extra comfort
  • Patented one way Velcro for an exact fit
  • Belts widen in front for extra abdominal support
  • Dual closure system with heavy duty stainless steel slide bar buckle

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3. RDX Cow Hide Leather Weight Lifting Nubuck Power Belt 

RDX Cow Hide Leather Weight Lifting Nubuck Power Belt

  • RDX 4″ pro Belt made with 4 layers of unique oil tanned Nubuck Cow Hide leather
  • This fixes the oil in the leather, making it soft and durable for serious lifters
  • The oil forms soaps on the fibres to produce a highly absorbent Cow Hide leather
  • Contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort
  • Stitched reinforcement with heavy duty rivets & buckle

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