“nutrition is the number one reason why you look and perform the way you do. 

eating to perform doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you know the basics, you’ll open the doors to a new you. 

My goal with this course is to teach you how to eat like a professional athlete so you can crush your fitness goals using a very easy to understand method. The same method I use and have seen work time and time again. 

Let’s totally transform the way you view nutrition and unlock the potential both you and I know you have.”

Donny Pearson


what you’ll learn in this six video series


first i will go over the important of getting your mind right before diving into a course like this. this will work but only if you want it to


you’ll learn what food (fuel) is best to help you boost energy and performance while working on your physique goals


in this section i’ll show you how to accurately calculate your macros based on your personal goals using a free online tool


you’ll learn how to split your macros into meals throughout the day based on shift and workout schedule for optimal results


we will teach you measure your food based on sight without using a scale so it becomes easier and more natural to eat the right amount of food

PRO tips

in this section we will go over seven life changing tips that will help make this a lot easier to implement based on work and family life


Is this keto or vegan?
No, this is a balanced approach and, in my opinion, it’s the best for overall performance. Especially since firefighters utilize all energy systems with the job. 

I do believe that all diets work or they wouldn’t be so popular. It all depends on the person.

However, what a lot of them have in common is that you increase the quality of the food you eat and that alone will produce results.

can i have cheat days?
Yes, I myself have cheat meals about 2x/week. Eating healthy is important but we need to be realistic. You will fall off but the most important thing is that you keep your head in the game and stay consistent. 

One salad will not help you lose weight just as one pizza will not make you gain weight. However, the salad/pizza ratio will determine what direction you’re headed. 

Try to eat healthy 90% of the time and this will work. 

can i still get in on station dinners?
Yes, absolutely. I encourage it. After the course, you’ll see that you can easily measure your food on your plate by sight, keeping you within your macros. 

what comes with the course
Other than the knowledge gained from this course, you’ll get a cheat sheet with a list of healthy macros and guide on how to measure your food.

Also, I’ve created a macro tracker that you can download to help you understand and hit your target for the day. Once we teach you how to dial in your numbers this will be an amazing tool for keeping you on track. 

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