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Firefighters are athletes, the only difference is our lives depend on our performance. we can’t quit. join the family and become a hero athlete.

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join our crew and stay consistent with your training. Trusted by 6000+ firefighters from around the world. 


 HERO Ignite is the best High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program for firefighters to hit at the station or at home. Perfect for those who are starting from scratch, training for the CPAT or have access to limited equipment. 

Equipment Needed: A pair of dumbbells, a jump rope and a mat.

I suggest 30-50s for men and 10-30s for women. If you do not have access to this, there are always bodyweight options until you can get the equipment needed. No excuses.

Frequency and Duration: There are five workouts posted every week with this program. You can do them all in a week or pick and choose according to your own schedule. Each workout takes about 30-45 min to complete. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be all dumbbells and body weight. Tuesday and Saturday will be cardiovascular conditioning only. Thursday is strictly mobility day.

Workout Sample: 

(please note that each day will have a video intriduction showing you the proper way to perform the workout)

1:00 Cardio Choice
30 Single Unders
20 Shoulder Taps
10 Tuck-ups
(No Measure)

10 Slow Deadbugs
5 Plank to Push-Back
-Rest :30-
10 Alt V-Ups
5 Plank to Push-Back*

1 Rep = Plank then drive hips back to “frog” position with arms extended and palms planted.

(Score is Rounds + Reps on Leaderboard)

MIN 1 – Cardio Choice 1
MIN 2 – DB Ground to Overhead (Single or Double)
MIN 3 – Sit-Ups
MIN 4 – Cardio Choice 2
MIN 5 – DB Hollow Hold (Single or Double)

*In each round, athletes should choose (2) different cardio choices.

(No Measure)

MIN 1 – Single DB Curls*
MIN 2 – :30 Single DB Press / :30 Single DB Overhead Hold

*Hold DB at the waist by both heads

(No Measure)


3 Min alternating between:

downward dog, upward dog and child’s pose


Plantar Smash for plantar fasciitis pain:


The programming will be based around a combination of time-tested principles of traditional powerlifting (squat, press, dead), conjugate/westside method (mix of max effort and dynamic efforts), body building (hypertrophy and accessory work), and a few of our other favorite elements (odd objects, heavy holds, overloaded bodyweight movements, etc)…if nothing else, this program will be a heck of a lot of fun!

HERO Elite is a strength, body building and conditioning program. This program takes four definitions of fitness into consideration, and we will help athletes reach their potential in all four…

INCREASE CONTRACTILE POTENTIAL (at a physiological level…you will get ‘stronger’)

INCREASE YOUR FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY (from a work standpoint…you will accomplish things you’ve
never accomplished previously)

ILLICIT A BIOLOGICAL RESPONSE from increased time under tension (hormone wise…you will enjoy the benefits of strength training)

INCREASE CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE from our advanced conditioning workouts 2 per week.

Equipment Needed: HERO Elite will require access to a squat rack, bench, pull up bar, barbell, dumbbells and plates. We also use bands and cardio equipment but it is not required. 

We deliver modifications if needed on a daily basis. Simply ask the group in the app and myself or other members will help you out. There is power in the community!

Frequency and Duration: There are five workouts posted every week with this program. You can do them all in a week or pick and choose according to your own schedule. Each workout takes about 45 – 60 min to complete. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be lifting only. Tuesday and Saturday are cardiovascular conditioning days. Thursday’s are mobility and active recovery days.

Workout Sample:

Min 1 – :50 Row/Ski
Min 2 – :40 Seated Wall Slides
Min 3 – :30 Banded Wall Walks

Bench 10-8-6-4-2
*Perform (1) set of Max
Push-ups after Sets 6-4-2

Deficit Push-ups (stack 45# plates)
DB Hammer Curl
DB Press

*For the Curl and the press, alternate arms and reach total number. Rest as needed during sets.


Upper Pull
Min 1 – 10 Perfect Ring Rows
Min 2 – 5/5 SA DB Bent Over Rows (moderate)
Min 3 – 8 Wide Grip Pull-ups

1:00 Plank
:30 Rest
1:00 Hollow Hold
:30 Rest


Doorway chest stretch – 2 min


Follow the video Blue Angel to open shoulders, decrease pain and improve posture –





Equipment Needed: HERO Comp will require access to a full functional fitness set-up including all common equipment like barbells, plates, C2 rowers, kettlebells, jump ropes and pull-up structure. In addition to the common equipment, dumbbells, slam balls and Assault bikes are used regularly. Less common equipment like strongman equipment, sleds, GHDs, heavy d-balls, or skis will typically not appear in workouts.

We deliver modifications if needed on a daily basis. Simply ask the group in the app and myself or other members will help you out. There is power in the community!

Frequency and Duration: There are 10 workouts posted every week with this program. You can do them all in a week or pick and choose according to your own schedule. Each workout takes about 45-60 min to complete.

Workout Sample:

800m Run
-Rest Equal Time
400m Run
-Rest Equal Time
200m Run
-Rest Equal Time
400m Run
-Rest Equal Time
800m Run

(Score is Time)

GOAL: GO. These should be 90% from the start. Be mindful of the diminishing rest in the first half of the workout. The turn around from the 200m will be a crucial part of this workout. Can you recover enough to hit a 400m that doesn’t kill your workout. Many athletes will dog the second 400m to recover but if you can push it there, you have about 2:00 to settle down for your final 800m.



:30 Single Unders
10 Scap Push-Ups
12 KB Plank Taps
5/5 SA Russian KB Swing
5/5 Alt. KB Arnold Press
50’ OH KB Walk*
*Switch arms at 25’.

100 Double Unders

Immediately Into…

Handstand Push-Ups

Immediately Into…

100 Double Unders

(Score is Time)
HSPU Option 1: Pike Push-Ups
HSPU Option 2: DB Strict Press


Max Reps Bench Press (155/105)
10 Tempo DB Bent Over Row (1111)|(50/35)
30 Single DB Slow Glute Bridge-Ups

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

(Score is Reps)

KG BB: (70/55)|(50/35) KG DB: (22.5/15)|(15/9)

GOAL: Push/Pull horizontal with load. Classic strength building and accessory. Your chest, lats, and booty should be burning. Put on some good music and grab a buddy to get this fun session done…no stress, all good vibes!



Thread the needle stretch – 2 min each side


Shoulder Rotator Smash and Floss





Go harder, recover faster, and Live Better with our mobility routine. Brought to you by Dr. Kelly Starrett of The Ready State, these daily mobilizations help relieve pain and lower the risk of injury. With better ROM, you’ll get more power from less effort which means your PRs don’t stand a chance!

Equipment Needed: Foam roller and lacrosse balls.

Frequency and Duration: Four detailed sessions per week at 3-6 min per day. 


become a hero athlete and unlock  access to all four programs 

“I have to say this is the best fitness product that I have ever come across for our job. All of the workouts fit in perfectly with the movements that we do. I have always worked out but never had any true guidance or plan for improvement, but the train heroic app motivates me every day and I am excited to try out the next days workout. Also seeing the interaction between members, motivating each other, and sending some knowledge each other’s way is another great aspect of this product. The community is worth more than anything”

Oliver K.

Firefighter/Paramedic CA.

“This program is seriously one of the best programs I have ever been a part of! I have been active all my life all the way up to playing college football and this is the best shape I have ever been in! With the direction of Donny and Hero Elite community I have learned to be able to push my body past my mind. This program has made me mentally and physically tough, it has also shown me I still have a long ways to go to get where I want to be but I am now WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THERE”

Trevor F.

Aspiring Firefighter OKC

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“This programming has been so helpful in finding consistency. I love the flexibility of being able to switch the workout days since they are programmed every week, and find the workouts that are easier for me to do on shift. The concentration that Donny puts on grip strength, core and flexibility has personally been my favorite part of the program. I love the leaderboard and competing with other firefighters as well as track my own progress. No matter what your fitness level is, be prepared for this program to challenge you mentally and physically”

Stephanie H.

Firefighter/EMT CO.

“I had tried many other programs that were designed for firefighters. None of which I thought quite prepared me for the job. As many of you know firefighting can be very demanding at times. Firefighters need to have strength, endurance, and flexibility when it matters. I truly believe this program helps prepare firefighters in all these categories. Since I started this program I have noticed a big difference not only in the weight room where I have PR’d all my lifts but also in the field when running calls. I have really enjoyed this program”

Nicki C.

Firefighter/EMT MD.

hero athlete membership benefits

Ignite Fat loss

Reducing your body fat percentage is important for health, performance and confidence. The more you lose the better you’ll feel, look and perform. Once we get you to a good percentage, that is when we will work on fine tuning your engine. 

INcrease on-scene performance

Fitness is more than lifting weights. We must utilize all energy systems to increase overall performance building you into a more well rounded firefighter/athlete. This program will help you excel at your strengths and work on weaknesses at the same time. 

Decrease Pain

Mobility and posture are crucial because they help you perform while supporting injury prevention. Our mobility sessions will help fix any issues you have as well as prevent future incidents, so you can be at your best and achieve peak on-scene performance.

Boost Endurance

Supplying your heart and lungs with oxygen-rich blood is essential to health and wellness. That is why cardiovascular endurance is so critical. Our programs will help build your engine while producing stronger and longer work on the fire ground.

Improve Strength

Being a firefighter requires a different kind of strength. Why? Because we lift, pull, drag, and carry heavy objects in awkward positions. That’s a fundamental part of the job. Our focus is on making you a well-rounded firefighter so you can handle any task.

Stay Consistent

We have everything laid out for you so you can stay consistent in your training. With a week of workouts in advance and the support of the community, you should not have a problem getting your workout in for the day. We train together as a family.

Meet your training coach

Donny pearson

I have had a passion in fitness and nutrition form an early age. Since then I have held multiple personal training certifications up to an elite level. I was a physical training leader within the U.S. Air Force helping members pass their PT tests. I then became a crossfit coach and even worked as a strength and conditioning coordinator for professional sports teams in Atlanta that led me to starting Firefighter Furnace in 2015. 

Since then we have helped thousands of firefighters reach their goals and transform their lives through the same method used in these programs. Right now you have a unique opportunity to change your life today and become part of our HERO Athlete team. 

 test our hero athlete membership for only $1 for the next 7-days

These are serious program that produces serious results and it will require a lot from you. We have created the tools to help increase your overall health and wellness and now it is up to you decide to make a change. That being said the price for our HERO Athlete Membership is $27/m after your 7 day trial – less than $1/day

*You may cancel at anytime. After  7-days you will be charged $27/m. Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results through our firefighter workout programs.


what does the trial include?

We want you to test the programs before jumping in fully. That being said, you’ll get 100% access to everything for the next 7-days to see if it is something you can really commit to.  

If you decide the program is not right for you and your schedule, no worries. We will cancel your account and help point you in the right direction. 

What fitness level do i need to be in?

All fitness levels are welcome in our HERO Athlete Membership. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or have already been working out for 20 years. These workouts will challenge you helping you build an elite level of fitness required to do our job. We post scaled options for most workouts meaning you can scale down the intensity until you can do all tasks as prescribed. 

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is where you believe you’re going.

How long do the workouts take?

On average you can get done with a session in less than an hour. Some days will be short and others will be long, just like our calls. However, you have to make fitness a priority with our jobs. We post a week in advance so you can tailor it around your own unique schedule. 


Compare time set aside for fitness to the time scrolling the internet. 

What if i don't have time?

I want you to really think about how important it is to make fitness a normal part of our lives, especially for us. Instead of saying “I don’t have time to workout” try saying “it’s not a priority” and see how it feels. Use that to motivate you to make fitness a normal part of your life. 


It’s not about having time, it’s about making time for your health 


We want you to experience the whole HERO Athlete Membership before fully committing. If you decide it’s not for you, we will cancel your membership, no questions asked. There is no contract. We will also point you in the right direction based on what your goals are.

$1 trial includes

hero comp access

hero elite access

hero Ignite access

ready state mobility

Training app with leaderboard

community access

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