project OVERHAUL

Give us 90 days, and we will completely transform the way you look, feel, and perform with an advanced and personalized nutrition strategy

lose weight and feel more energized

If you’re facing challenges like fatigue, depression, athletic performance issues, obesity, or pain, our cutting-edge nutritional test and tailored plan are designed to identify and remove any molecular-level barriers holding you back.

increase motivation and consistency

If you find yourself hindered by a lack of structure, accountability, or motivation, our personalized coaching provides the guidance and encouragement you need to stay on course, enabling you to achieve a level of well-being, appearance, and performance beyond your expectations.
“Thank you for all your work on this, it was very eye opening…I already feel better after just a few days.” – Greg S.
“I’ve been doing a lot of workouts from different apps and these workouts are the best workouts that I have ever done.” – Travis S.
“I just got through the videos, thank you so much, it is all so informative!…I am so excited to start getting healthier, fitter, and more energetic!!” — Laura F.
“I’m close if not at my peak performance. Thanks to you I’ve accomplished a dream of mine, tomorrow will be my first day at firehouse 15 of Montreal’s fire dept. as a full time firefighter and I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fight fire, do work team!” – Juan M. 
“Today felt awesome, Smooth rhythm the whole workout. I’m absolutely loving this program so far. I’m 37 and never felt in better shape.” – Brian K


OVERhaul program details


Comprehensive Nutritional Test

The Metabolomix+ nutritional test offers an extensive profile, assessing 125+ markers to provide insights into your body’s functions.

Just as your fingerprint is unique, so is your body’s chemistry. This test reveals your specific nutrient requirements, allowing you to optimize your well-being!

Conveniently self-administered, this kit can be sent directly to your home and returned with ease.


Personalized nutrition strategy

Nutrition is the foundational factor influencing how people feel, think, and perform. That’s why we prioritize it as the cornerstone of our program. You’ll benefit from:

  • A 90-day, doctor-prescribed nutrition plan with tailored macronutrient breakdowns, detox guidance, and supplement suggestions.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your nutrition test results.
  • A one-on-one video consultation with a dedicated nutrition specialist


    overhaul timeline

    here is how the process will work for you. 



    After signing up for the Overhaul program, you’ll fill out all the intake questionnaire. This will let us know your main concerns as well as location. We will mail your self-administered test to the address provided. 


    lab test

    Complete your nutritional test and mail it our for analysis. Please note this process will take 1-2 weeks depending on shipping and location. 


    consultation #1

    Based on your results, you’ll receive a five minute overview of your test in a video format as well as a 90-day nutrition strategy and/or detox. Please note that if there is a concern based on your test, we will contact you immediately and point you in the right direction.


    As you go through the process, we will continue to monitor and coach you along the way to ensure complete success.

    Consultation #2

    As soon as your 90 days is up, we want to make sure you stay on track and not go back to your old ways. We will guide you in taking the next steps on your own ensuring long-term success.

    for a limited time we are offering “overhaul” for 50% off $1995  $997


    Lap cost

    Comprehensive nutritional test   -$495

    Analysis & Consultation

    In-depth analysis and video consultations  – $1050

    Nutrition Strategy

    Personalized 90-day strategy based on goals – $450

    meet your coach

    Dr. Brad Anuszkiewicz, DC, PAK


    Dr. Brad is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Professional Applied Kinesiologist, specializing in Functional Neurology and Sport-Specific Rehabilitation.  He’s been a coach, a USAPL certified judge, and personal trainer for the last 12 years. He’s experienced with all levels of athletes, including geriatrics that have never trained before, adaptive, professionals in the NFL and track athletes with the US Olympic teams

    “Most doctors order incomplete labs, that only give a reason to prescribe medications based on your symptoms. The labs we run and how they view them will give you a detailed look at how all of the organ systems in your body interact, helping you understand your health and what you can do to improve it.”


    change starts now

    commit to reaching your true potential for

    $1995  $997



    Comprehensive Nutritional Test


    Consultation with Nutrition Expert


    In-Depth Analysis


    Personalized Nutrition Strategy


    Coaching for Support and Accountability

    *Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results through the overhaul program.


    what is tested and why?
    The Metabolomix+ nutritional test is one of the most comprehensive nutritional profiles available, measuring over 125 markers that tell you about your body’s function. 

    This test is meant to pin point reasons you may struggle with:

    • Fatigue
    • Depression
    • Heart Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Athletic Performance
    • Strength
    • Weight-Loss
    • Gut Problems
    • Joint Pain

    Is my information protected?
    Yes, we follow all HIPPA guidelines and your information will only be used for ordering labs and contacting you for your customized plan.
    How long will it take to get my nutrition plan?
    Once we receive your test results, you’ll receive everything within 10-15 business days. 


    is this covered by my insurance?
    Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost of our program.

    However, we accept both HSA and FSA cards. We do suggest that you reach out to these entities personally due to varying guidelines. 

    If you have any additional questions about this, you can contact Dr. Brad and he would be happy to help. 

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