hero comp 

this program helps firefighters reach elite level fitness through competitive crossfit training

it doesn’t matter level you are, there is always room to fine tune your skill (join the most fit group of firefighters on the planet)


It doesn’t matter if you struggle with movements or lack the required energy output to go unbroken, This program offers scaled option with the intention of helping your build both your engine and skills. 


Whether you’ve been working out for only one year or decades, you know you have room for improvement, HERO Comp will help fine tune your overall fitness by supplying performance/skill enhancing programming.


There is always room for progress. This program is designed to help you excel at your strengths as well as improve your weaknesses. We will help build you into a better athlete and turn you into a competitive machine.

“I can honestly say that my unbroken dub PR has gone up just after the first week. The program looks simple but when you do it you can tell there is a lot of though behind it. It is more than just a normal WOD. The comminity is awesome and I am glad to be a part of it!”

John G.

Fire Capt. WV

“You can tell that Donny and Cody know what they are doing because the workouts are on a different level. Doable but hard. Posting videos in the community has helped me increase my power clean max because they saw what I couldn’t. I am honred to be on the team

Christian B.

Firefighter/Engineer. CA

hero comp benefits

Go unbroken

HERO Comp’s unique strategy will help you develop the skills to go unbroken when it matters most. The advanced strategy of utilizing opposite muscle groups in a specific way will ensure your progress to do more reps in less time.

Boost On-Scene Performance

Fitness is more than lifting weights. We must utilize all energy systems to increase overall performance building you into a more well rounded firefighter/athlete. This program will help you excel at your strengths and work on weakneeses at the same time. 

INcrease mobility

Mobility and posture are crucial because they help you perform while supporting injury prevention. Our mobility sessions will help fix any issues you have as well as prevent future incidents, so you can be at your best and achieve peak on-scene performance.

Boost Endurance

Endurance work is and always will be one of the most important apsects of your performance. The professional strategy of how we program endurance throughout the week will help you develop fine tune your engine so you can compete on the next level. 

Improve Strength

Being a firefighter requires a different kind of strength. Why? Because we lift, pull, drag, and carry heavy objects in awkward positions. Working traditional lifts in combination with anti-rotation core movmrnts will help you improve your overall strength. 

Increase mental toughness

We have a lot more on the line when it comes to fitness. Our lives depend on it. As a result, a strong mind and laser focus are essential when you walk into the gym. We will guide as well as mentally prepare you for each of the HERO Comp wods. 

Upgrade Gymnastics skills

HERO Comp workotus will help you balance the strength/weakness ratio when it comes to strength work and gymnastics. Our process helps you progress in both without sacrificing one building you into a more well rounded athlete.

PR OLY Lifts

Our advanced programming strategy will help you increase both your oly strength and technique. While training at different stages of fatigue, we will help you execute more reps when it matters most alowing you to progress to the next level. 

crush the open

We modify the HERO Comp training so you are at your best for the open. With frinedly competition and the support of our community, we will set you up for success by providing professional strategies helping you finish the best you ever have. 

View hero comp Sample Week

HERO Comp is professionally designed to help you progress in both energy performance and skill. This program is considered to be the most advanced firefighter specific crossfit program and the team is considered to be the most elite group of firefighters on the planet when it comes to fitness. Check out a full week and hope to see you on the team!


A. Coaches Notes

Sprints and Deadlifts

The Sprints will be difficult but mindset should be on relaxing as much as able. Relax your jaw and hands and stretch the stride. Ball to toe contact with a slight kiss of the heel.

Score is TOTAL TIME including rest.

Rest as much as needed before getting into Deadlifts.


Focus DL load into hamstrings and butt, not low back. Back flat, Shoulders flexed slightly back and down like you’re trying to put your shoulder blades in your back pockets. Drive chest up while retaining neutral head position, weight pushing through heels. “Press floor down”

B. Warm Up

Light 3 min Jog
100 SUs
10 Squat Jumps
Light stretching
2X75% 50m runs

Medium Paced 500m Row to warm deadlift path
20 Barbell (BB) Good Mornings
20 BB Romanian Deadlift

Start light and warmup to 75% within 10 min

C. Sprints

Goal today is Maximum output for each of the sprints.

100m Sprint
rest 1 min
200m Sprint
rest 2 min
400m Sprint
rest 3 min
800m Sprint
rest 4 min
400m Sprint
rest 3 min
200m Sprint
rest 2 min
100m Sprint

total time is your score including rest

Remember to pace out but run hard for the 400m and 800m so you can maintain a steady run pace.

D. Deadlift 5×5

Warm up with as many sets as needed up to 75% of your max. This should feel heavy yet steady through all reps.

Rest 90 sec – 3 min between each set. Don’t rush and take your time.

E. Mobility

Hamstrings have taken a beating today.
Standing Straddle 2 min
Calf Stretch 1 min each side
Cat/Cow Stretch 1 min
Pigeon Stretch 2 min each side




A. Coaches Notes

Alright team, Dig deep for today’s “BLAKE”

High Skill and Conditioning
4 Movements: Lunges, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, and Handstand Push-ups

Walking Lunge with plate locked out overhead:
-Prep your comfort in the lunge without weight first
-Make sure you maintain the width between your feet so you don’t walk a “Tight Rope”
-Don’t step too far or too short – looking for 90 Degrees on each leg at the bottom of the lunge
-Lock the plate out overhead pressing directly against the gravity of weight and get head though window between your arms

Box Jumps:
-Be mindful that the first couple box jumps following the lunges can be a doozie so take them slow.
-24’/20″ Box Height
-2 foot take off and landing and stand tall opening the hips on the top of box
-Jump or step down

Wall Balls:
-Arms length away from wall
-Shoulder width stance
-controlled drop into squat width hip crease reaching below knee. Accelerate out of the squat tossing the ball to target 10’/9′
-Catch and repeat for reps

Handstand Push-ups:
-You may kip or do strict
-Place abmat under head to protect neck and head
-kick up into handstand and then carefully lower head to pad.
-If using kip, after head is resting on pad, move butt to rest against wall and lower knees to hover above the elbows. With heels pointing up, rapidly extend legs to top of the wall and press. (Practice this before you are in the WOD)

B. Warm Up

-Go for a light jog or row
3 rounds
– 6 Alternating Lunges
– 6 Alternating step ups (last round do Box Jumps)
– 6 Air Squats
– 6 Barbell Shoulder Press

-Get a feel for adding overhead weight in the lunges as needed. 4 reps w/ 10, 15, 25, 35, 45#


U.S. Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician David Blake McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Georgia, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Support Activity in Norfolk, Virginia, was killed September 21, 2010, in a helicopter crash during combat operations in the Zabul province of Afghanistan. McLendon is survived by his wife Kate McLendon, his parents David and Mary-Ann McLendon, his brother Chris McLendon, and his sister Kelly Lockman.

4 RFT:
100′ Walking Lunge w/45/25# Plate
30 Box Jumps 24/20″
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
10 Handstand Push-Ups

D. Mobility

Lizard Pose (2 min)
Pigeon Pose (2 min)
Seated Straddle (2 min)
Lat and Shoulder Stretch (1 min each side)




A. Coaches Notes

Today is a muscle failure type wod.
Move directly into the row following the EMOM.

Have fun and enjoy the pump sesh.

B. Warm Up

Today we are going to do a push/pull couplet to give you a great “PUMP”
Make sure you get shoulder nice and warm for Pushups and Pull-ups

C. EMOM 20

Even minutes
10 Deficit Push up 45lb plate under feet and hands (chest to floor)
Odd Minutes
5 Strict Pull-ups

D. 1k Row

This is to be completed right after the EMOM

E. Mobility

Twisted Cross
Wall or Rig Lat Stretch
Supine Piriformis
(1 min each)




A. Coaches Notes

Today is “Scarface”
– Strength, Skill and Conditioning WOD to drive the heart rate way up and then have to maintain high quality under the bar.
– Dial the weights back if needed for quality
– Keep in mind there are 16 snatches each round when you are thinking about QUALITY over QUANTITY

– Pace yourself through this wod to control heart rate and so you minimize standing around resting.
– 85% output for 85% of the wod and then empty the tank
– Break up snatch reps early if you are expecting to break them up on later rounds. planned breaks are faster than unplanned.

– Take the burpees steady and not at max output
– Give your grip some time to recover during your burpees

B. Warm Up

200m run

10 beat swings

5 burpee broad jumps

Burgener Warm Up (Dowel/PCV)

5x each movement:
Down and up
Elbows high and outside
Muscle snatch
Snatch land
Snatch drop
Hang power snatch

200m run

10 beat swings

5 burpee broad jumps

Burgener Warm Up (Barbell)

5x each movement:
Down and up
Elbows high and outside
Muscle snatch
Snatch land
Snatch drop
Hang power snatch

Then proceed to work up to your power snatch weight

Treat the Burgener warm up as technique work as well. Treat as a session

C. Scarface

For Time
2 Rounds of:
8 Power Snatches (175/125 lb)
8 Bar-Facing Burpees

Then, 2 Rounds of:
8 Power Snatches (155/105 lb)
8 Bar-Facing Burpees

Finally, 2 Rounds of:
8 Power Snatches (135/95 lb)
8 Bar-Facing Burpees

D. Mobility

Lizard Pose (2 min)
Pigeon Pose (2 min)
Seated Straddle (2 min)
Lat and Shoulder Stretch (1 min each side)




A. Coaches Notes

Today we have a double WOD of Annie followed by back squats. Be sure to give yourself a 10 min break between workouts.

Annie is meant to move fast through entire workout in a sprint mentality. If you’re struggling with DUs then work at getting 25/20/15/10/5 as the DU sets and leave ABMAT sit-ups at 50/40/30/20/10. Try to avoid SUs and work the skill.

Then squats will be pretty heavy but still able to maintain a strong mindset. Have a buddy or rack to help you but in the event your mind says “I don’t think we’re gonna make it”, then FOCUS on FORM and the key elements of the movement and focus one rep at a time instead of how many you have left. Be Safe and if you miss a set, Give yourself a double break and hit it again. Remember it’s YOU lifting and not your EGO so be realistic with what your Max is.

B. Warm Up

Get moving around with your choice of run, row or bike for 3-5 min
-100 Single Unders

C. Annie

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds; for time


D. Back Squat 6×5@75%

Strength- Do Not sacrifice quality for quantity. Take each rep steady without bouncing out of the bottom.

Mindset: Quality
– Weight Distributed evenly across heel and ball of foot. Big toe pressed firmly into floor while driving
knees outward. Chest up eyes forward and ABS flexed against ribcage.
– Work up to 75% with as many sets as needed and then do 6×5 @ 75%

-You will get into some of these sets with the not sure I’m gonna make it mentality. This is completely normal. Focus of the key elements of the movement and don’t give into the bad form. Theres no time limit but try to keep rest between sets around 3 min.

E. Mobility

Calf Stretch
Half Saddle Stretch
Twisted Cross
Scap/Lat Stretch
(1 Min Ea)









Meet your coaches

“With 20+ years of coaching and competitive experience, we know what it takes to progress as an athlete”

Donny pearson

Donny is a husband, Air Force veteran, Fire Captain, with over 7 years of crossfit training and competing under his belt. He was a strength and conditioning coach for professional basketball players in Atlanta and has held many different fitness/coaching certifications. His best competitive finish was placing top 20 in the country in 2019. His other hobbies include kite boarding, free diving and sailing. 

FRAN – 2:13

DEADLIFT – 505lbs

400M RUN – :53

POWER CLEAN – 335lbs

cody bailey

Cody is a husband, father of 2,  Air Force Spec Ops veteran, with over 13 years of crossfit training, coaching and competing experience. He is an affilaite owner in Washington D.C. and his best competitive achomplishment was competing in the 2010 South East Regional’s. His other hobbies staying up late and waking up early because of his young kids. 

FRAN – 2:01

DEADLIFT – 510lbs

400M RUN – :56

POWER CLEAN – 350lbs

we are letting you test drive hero comp for only $1 for the next 7-days

This is a serious program that produces serious results and it will require a lot from you. We have created the tools to help you compete in the world of fitness, the rest is up to you. That being said the price for HERO Comp is $34/m after your 7 day trial – less than $1/day.

*You may cancel at anytime. After  7-days you will be charged $34/m. Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results through our firefighter workout programs.


what's the difference between HERO Elite and hero comp

HERO Elite is our functional body building /athletic performance program that does not utilize movements such as hand stand push ups, snatches and muscle ups. HERO Comp is built for competitive Crossfit Athletes who want to increase performance and be a part of the most fit group of firefighters in the world.


Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Why are you here?

What equipment do I need?

This is a crossfit competoitors program so we suggest that you have access to a box. If you do not and still want to improve, we will give you suggestions through our communnity feed within the app.

We don’t use machines, we build them

What fitness level do i need to be in?

We do recommend that you have at least 3 years of crossfit experience under your belt before joining HERO Comp. We post workouts as normal with RX and Scaled options meaning that no matter what level you’re in, you are welcome to the team!

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is where you believe you’re going.

How much does it cost?

The HERO Comp Team membership is 34$/m after your 7-day $1 trial. The money made from this program has allowed us to produce more free and professional material for those that need it most. That has allowed us to reach an estimated 45k lbs lost since 2015 and closer to our goal of helping eliminate health related LODD for present and future firefighters.

Invest in yourself, if it was free you wouldn’t do it.  

How long do the workouts take?

On average you can get done with a session in less than an hour. Some days will be short and others will be long, just like our calls. However, you have to make fitness a priority with our jobs. We post a week in advance so you can tailor it around your own unique schedule. 


Compare time set aside for fitness to the time scrolling the internet. 




What if i don't have time?

I want you to really think about how important it is to make fitness a normal part of our lives, especially for us. Instead of saying “I don’t have time to workout” try saying “it’s not a priority” and see how it feels. Use that to motivate you to make fitness a normal part of your life. 


It’s not about having time, it’s about making time for your health 




We want you to experience the whole HERO Comp proram before fully committing. If you decide it’s not for you, we will cancel your membership, no questions asked. There is no contract. We will also point you in the right direction based on what your goals are.

$1 trial includes

complete hero comp access

Training app with leaderboard

community access

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