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montly training objectives

For the month of May, we are getting back in a more dynamic-focused month, prioritizing jumping and power output. With any movement, dynamic or more controlled, we still hold the same importance and focus on the intention behind the movement. Yes, we could probably get the weight up at all costs, but what purpose does that really serve? This month, turn your focus inward, and truly connect with each and every movement. Find the mind-muscle connection and focus in on it with every workout. With our newly developed strength and stability, we’ll find we have more power to work with! With great power comes great responsibility, so keep control of those dumbbells, and commit to moving with intention throughout the entire month!

monthly training objectives

The month of may kicks off a new and exciting strength cycle. May will house week 2 to 5 of the 10 week strength training cycle.

The programming will be based around a combination of time-tested principles of traditional powerlifting (squat, press, dead), conjugate/westside method (mix of max effort and dynamic efforts), body building (hypertrophy and accessory work), and a few of our other favorite elements (odd objects, heavy holds, overloaded bodyweight movements, etc)…if nothing else, this program will be a heck of a lot of fun!

montly training objectives

IT’S GONNA BE MAY. With the Open hitting us in March as opposed to February, everything from our 2021 Blueprint is pushed a month (or half month) back. Originally, we were going to hit OLY & SKILLS in April. Instead we used April to reset with bodybuilding accessory and a reintroduction of intensity and volume. With this in mind…May will be our month to focus on Oly & Skills. Kicking off the first month of May, we will test our current 1-Rep Clean & Jerk as well as Snatch. We will also retest the weightlifting complex from 21.4. Over the course of May, we will work on building these lifts through increased exposure, linear percentage work, and skill-based drilling. In addition to our OLY focus, we will be increasing our gymnastic skill work. Every week you will see Muscle-Ups, C2B, HSPU, HS Walk, and Pistols. How they show up will be a little different each week but the goal here is to simply increase exposure — some will show up in your GPP work while others will show up in additional conditioning/strength metcons or dedicated practice. The formula for getting better at something is simple…increase your exposure. With OLY & SKILLS, this also means slowing down at times to practice the finer motor patterns and positions. In May, we will be doing both — you will get to test your skills through exposure in workouts AND get an opportunity to refine your skills in low/no intensity practice sessions. Coming out of May, we will move into a short strength biased phase then make our way to June/July with some good ‘ol fashioned engine building. By mid-year, we should feel like a well-oiled machine.

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