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We know how it is after a long day and shift dinner. You want to sit back and watch Jeopardy or stream free movies on your fire stick. I am going to show you how you can make the most of this time by opening your hips and increasing mobility and flexibility so you can start to recover better and get past any plateau. (Video Below)

Lets Get Started, You Will Need 3 Things:

  1. A wall
  2. A Mat/Pad
  3. A Towel or Band


Couch Stretch

  • Set pad right next to the wall
  • Take your right knee and place it on the pad as close as possible to the wall with your right foot trailing directly above the knee
  • Then, you’ll take your left leg and stretch it out front (like a lunge, creating a 90 degree angle) and place both hands on the knee
  • Then press against the knee and drive chest up opening up that right hip
  • Hold for two minuets and switch sides


Wall Squat

  • First, lay down next to the wall and slide your butt against the wall
  • Then roll onto your back with your feet up the wall
  • Then while keeping feet flat on the wall, bring your heels down towards your hips as far as you can (like a squat)
  • The drive knees out while holding your hips to the bottom of the wall
  • Hold for two minutes


Wall Pigeon

  • First get into the wall squat position
  • Cross your right ankle over your left knee (you will want to keep your hips squared so there is no twisting motion in the hips)
  • Apply light pressure to your right knee
  • Hold for two minutes then switch sides


Wall Hamstring Stretch

  • Place your back on the wall (just like the previous two stretches) with your feet extended up the wall
  • Loop the towel over one foot while leaving the leg extended
  • Pull the foot towards your face until you feel light tension in your hamstring
  • Hold for two minutes then switch


Wall Split

  • Place your back on the floor and extend your legs directly up the wall
  • Slowly split the legs apart letting gravity pull the legs towards the floor in opposite directions
  • Relax and hold stretch for two minutes

That’s it, try to do these five stretches 2-3x per week to increase mobility and flexibility.


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