Shift Workout – January 21-23rd

Be featured on Instagram by performing in full bunker gear! Use #firefighterfurnace #heroathlete With a continuous running clock for 8 min, complete 8 sets of the following: 30 sec burpees 30 sec rest Your total number of burpees is your score (push yourself) rest 3...

Shift Workout – January 18-20th

In teams of 2, complete the following: 60 dumbbell thrusters 40lbs guys/25 lbs girls 60 Pull ups/jumping pull ups 60 dumbbell cleans – same weight 60 burpees break up however you like  one FF works at a time 60 reps will be split up example, one FF does 10, the...

Shift Workout – January 15-17th

For as long as possible: From 0:00 – 3:00 complete 2 sets of: 10 push ups 10 jumping squats From 3:00 – 6:00 complete 2 sets of 12 push ups 12 jumping squats From 6:00 – 9:00 complete 2 sets of 14 pushups 14 jumping squats Follow the same pattern until you cannot get...

Shift Workout – January 12-14th

In teams of 2, complete as many sets as possible in 20 min 200m run 20 dumbbell snatches (10 each side) 10 pull ups one person works at a time FF1 will do the entire set (3 exercises) while FF2 rest when FF1 is finished, switch and FF2 will complete the list repeat...

Shift Workout – January 9-11th

For time, each FF complete the list as fast as possible – must go in order 80 push ups 80 supermans 80 sit ups 80 body squats rest 4 min then do as many burpees as possible in 3...

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