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hero elite

Mental Toughness

We have a lot more on the line when it comes to fitness. A strong mind and laser focus is essential when you walk into the gym. We will guide and prepare you for every workout. 

Functional Strength

Being a firefighter requires a different kind of strength. We lift, pull, drag and carry heavy objects in awkward positions. Our focus is making you a well rounded firefighter to be able to handle any task.

Cardiovascular endurance

Supplying your heart and lungs with oxygen rich blood is essential to firefighter health and wellness. HERO Elite will help build your engine while producing stronger and longer work on the fire ground. 

Mobility & prevention

Mobility and posture are crucial when it comes to performance and injury prevention. Our mobility sessions will help fix any issues you have as well as prevent future incidents.

Fitness app

HERO Elite is delivered to you via the Train Heroic fitness app and software. 

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how it works

We do all the hard work testing workouts to deliver you the best quality firefighter fitness program out there. We don’t beat around the bush, we deliver, you get results. 

1. Join the crew

HERO Elite is a strong commuity of motivated firefighters who all have the same common goal of being the best they can be. Take pride in your training and become a leader at your department.

2. Train hard

Go into every workout with intention of getting better and better. Train like your life depends on it. Do it for your family, your community and more importantly yourself. The choice is yours. 

 3. Commit

Reaching elite fitness takes time. It will not be easy. We did not become firefighers because it’s easy. We are a special breed of individuals who want to save the world. Commit to the grind, put in the work and get it done. 


“I’ve achieve so much in strength, endurance, weight loss and mobility. I recommend it for anyone who wants to take their fitness level to the next level”

Michael S.

Firefighter VA.

“By far the best workout program I’ve ever done. Being able to keep up with the guys is what keeps me motivated to keep getting better”

Courtney S.

Firefighter NJ.

“Just hit a new PR on push press! This program is a good combination of old school lifting and functional strength” 

Christian B.

Fire Officer SC.

“Started this in January and I’ve seen some awesome gains and losses. I’ve lost 40lbs since January! Fit to fight fire!”

Adam L.

Engineer TX.

Program details

Whats the training schedule?

With HERO Elite you get a full week in advance. A typical week is:


  • Squat strength or endurance
  • Chest and back
  • Functional core strength
  • Recovery/Mobility


  • Functional strength 
  • Endurance/Stamina
  • Core
  • Recovery/Mobility


  • Deadlift strength or endurance
  • Shoulders and back
  • Core strength
  • Recovery/Mobility


  • Targeted mobility session


  • Barbell strength
  • Barbell complex 
  • Full body
  • Functional core
  • Recovery/Mobility


  • Cardio/Endurance


  • Rest
How long is HERO Elite?

HERO Elite is a daily program that we deliver to you a week in advance. There is no end, simply follow along, train hard and commit to the process.

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence. 

What equipment do I need?

What separates from other programs is that we only use basic equipment. All you need is a barbell, weights, dumbbells a place to run and do pull ups. If we program exercises beyond that, we give you alternatives with the basics mentioned above. For example, if we ask you to do KB swings, we will show you how to do it with a dumbbell. 

We don’t use machines, we build them

What fitness level do i need to be in?

All fitness levels are welcome but this is an intermediate to advanced program. Firefighters are athletes, it’s time we start to train like it. If weight-loss is your goal and you need to start at a slow pace, be sure to check out HERO Ignite

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is where you believe you’re going. 

Full Week Sample


A. Coaches Notes

New week everyone! lets hit this week hard and remember why you started when things get tough. 

B. Warm Up

400m run or 500m row

3 rounds:
20 arm circles (all directions)
10 walking lunges
10 groiners
5 squats (down slow and fast up)
5 push ups
5 jumping pull ups

C. Back Squat

4×12 back squat using your last moderate set of 10

Notes: If you did not find your 10 rep yet, perform 4×12 at a moderate weight climbing each set. Focus on form!!

D. Bench/Bent/Swing

Complete 5 rounds not for time:

11 Dumbbell bench press
11 Dumbbell bent over row (11 each side)
22 Dumbbell or KB swings (chose weight)

Notes: Athletes choice of weights. Take your time and focus on quality.

E. Core

3 rounds of max plank hold with 2:00 rest between each attempt.

Your score is accumulated time.

F. Recovery

3 min alternating every 5 deep breaths:
Downward dog
Upward dog
Child’s pose



A. Coaches Notes

Today we will test redline again. Remember, it’s called redline for a reason. Do not go hard right out the gate, smooth is fast. 

B. Warm Up

3 rounds:

10 dowel pass throughs
30 jumping jacks
8 walking lunges
4 squats
4 jumping pull ups

C. “Redline”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

200m run
8 DB hang clusters
8 pull ups


Notes: Each time through the list is one set. Work at a moderate but consistent pace. Be sure to practice the clusters before starting. Your score is complete rounds finished in 20 min. Sets a cone @100m for run. (130 walking paces)

D. Recovery

Walk for 4 minutes 

Seated quad stretch – 2 min

Wide leg seated fold – 3 min



A. Coaches Notes

Today is simple, long and boring. I want everyone to focus on perfect form with everything and try to experiment with different breathing patterns for the burpees. Also, you will have a lot of time to rest so try to focus on recovery. For example, take deep breaths and move smooth through each step. When things get tough, remember why you started!

B. Warm Up

3 min alternating every 3 deep breaths:
upward dog
downward dog
child’s pose

3 rounds:
20 scorpions (10 prone, 10 supine)
5 burpees
10 groiners


C. “Salvage and Overhaul”

Every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes, alternate between

10 deadlifts 225/155
10 burpees
10 toes to bar

Scaled – 8 reps of each, 185/125 for weight and hanging knee raises.

Notes: on 0:00 perform 10 deadlifts and wait until 1:00. On 1:00 perform 10 burpees. On 2:00 perform 10 toes to bar. On 3:00 start over with 10 deadlifts. Repeat until you’ve done 100 reps of each (30 minutes)

D. Core Stability

Complete 3 rounds not for time:

:30 overhead hold single dumbbell (left)
:30 overhead hold single dumbbell (right)
:30 over head hold double dumbbell

Notes: Practice for a bit before committing to a weight. Post heaviest set. The double overhead will be tough if you have mobility issues. Do what you can and focus on becoming stronger! Do not hold your breath.

E. Recovery

Wide leg seated fold – 4 min


A. Coaches Notes

Today we will focus on recovery with a hip mobility routine. Do what you can and focus on keeping a straight back and taking full/deep breaths. Let your breath carry you deeper into the stretch.

B. Mobility/Hips

Squat hold – 2 min (hold on to post and keep back straight with weight in heels)

Sampson stretch – 2 min each side

Groiner stretch – 2 min each side

Pigeon stretch – 2 min each side

Squat hold – 4 min


A. Coaches Notes

Today we will do a HERO Wod called CT. It’s a fun one that will require a little planning and practice. Best of luck and try to stay at a moderate but consistent pace. Smooth is fast!

B. Warm Up

3 rounds:
Sampson stretch – 10 sec each side
20 scorpions (10 prone, 10 supine)
5 squat jumps
5 push ups
5 jumping pull ups

Then proceed to warm up practicing each movement below with light dumbbells.

C. “CT”

Complete 10 rounds:
5 pull ups
10 (dumbbell movement) See below
15 butterfly sit ups

Dumbbell movements for each round:
1. DB push press
2. DB burpees
3. DB cleans
4. DB bench press
5. DB front rack lunges
6. DB front squats
7. DB bent over row (10 each side)
8. DB alternating snatches
9. DB deadlifts
10. DB Thrusters

Rx – 50/35 (guys/girls)
Scaled – 35/20

Notes: This is a fun one, plan ahead and come up with a game plan! Post time on leaderboard and let me know what you thought!

D. Recovery

Walk for 5 min

Accumulate a 2 min dead hang from bar


A. Coaches Notes

Today we will focus on endurance. Pay close attention to the rest times because that’s where the magic is. Do what you can and do not burn yourself out. You will be running 2 miles at a slightly faster pace than your 2 mile pace. 

B. Warm Up

5 rounds – cycle through the movements slowly and hold each position for 2 deep breaths:
Sampson stretch (each side)
Groiner stretch (each side)
upward dog
downward dog
child’s pose

C. Running Conditioning 

800m run
2:00 rest
800m run
1:30 rest
800m run
1:00m rest
800m run

Notes: Do go all out but focus on form and breathing. do what you can and think about getting better for when we re-test our last week in March! Post fastest time. If you do not have access to a track or treadmill, place a cone @100m (130 walking paces) and run to cone and back 4x. 

D. Recovery

2 rounds – cycle through the movements slowly and hold each position for 10 deep breaths:
Sampson stretch (each side)
Groiner stretch (each side)
upward dog
downward dog
child’s pose

GREAT WEEK EVERYONE! Rest tomorrow and let’s hit it again next week! 

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